PROCERGS - Net. Admin

Claudio Saenger Fortes

PMP Certified Project Manager at PROCERGS 


Juliano has an excellent technical skill and he was always very responsible in his work, antecipating problems and searching for solutions with no need of supervision. 
He was very good treating with people, too. 
He works very well under pressure and is very concerned about his work's quality.

Fernanda S. Bocoli, PMP

Coordenadora do Grupo de Engenharia de Processos da SoftDesign


Juliano is a person easy to deal with, always willing to do more than is expected to meet the agreed outcome. He has great knowledge and always concerned about the adequacy of actions to solve problems. He is always involved with activities that challenge and so he always keeps updated. He is ambitious and has initiative, while observe the rules of the organization seeks to make use of best market practices

Mauro Heine

Gerente da Divisão de Produção na PROCERGS


Juliano is a very proactive, dedicated and open-minded professional. He distinguished himself here as a very good Project Manager - one of the first PMP certified that we've had. He is always looking for ways to improve and get things done in a more efficient and effective way.

Marcelo Leal



Juliano is a very professional person. He is very skilled in Microsoft products, and i could see how he is determined in his career, and in the solutions he does. Always helping who needs, spreading the knowledge, and i certainly recommend his job!

Tino Junior

Arquiteto de Infraestrutura na PROCERGS


The capacity of this young man is big yet not bigger than his willpower. He was a big companion and certainly will have each time the brighter career that he deserves

Mauro do Valle

System Analyst at PROCERGS


Juliano is a good professional and have excelent knowledge as project management and Java Developer

Fernando Patzlaff

Support Analyst at PROCERGS


Juliano is a hardworking guy! He improved a lot our group with his decisions and ideas. He likes to take new challenges. Certainly I recommend him.